''Though we see the same world, we see it through different eyes'
Ask me. I don't bite.

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I’m really bad about taking care of myself. Sometimes I’m like “why am I so hungry?” and then I realize I haven’t had a real meal in like 2 days. So, this is a friendly reminder to eat some food, drink some water, get some sleep, take your medicine if you need any, and make sure you smile like at least 5 times a day.

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#i bet she drinks wine and cackles at the emails while she looks at her bank account statements #it’s what i would do
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@UzoAduba: Because I just love you so much @nlyonne
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I’ve got quite a vivid imagination and I’m easily overwhelmed by sensations and things that are beautiful or scary. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a ghost - I think I’m probably haunted by my own ghosts than real ones.
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